Books in January 2016

So, for this year I have the goal to take track how many books I am reading, each month and in the whole year and then maybe be able to compare it to next year etc…

So here are the books I have been reading in January:

The Girl on the train – Paula Hawkins
This book has been talked about quite a bit, but I have to say, I saw it at my library and just took it home, I had no idea about the hype, until I heard Melinda in her yarnderwoman podcast talk about it. Well, the book. It was ok, a very quick read, some parts were very good, others just ok, but overall a good, quick read.

Verheissung – Jussi Adler Olsen
The sixth book out of a great series, I love them. They made the first book into a movie, I’ve seen it and it is pretty great too. The series is about a grumpy old police men and his crazy helper and a strange secretary and it is just too good. I love those books! It’s originally written in danish, which wouldn’t have been a problem to read for me, but I started the first two books in German and when I start a series in one language, I tend to finish them all in the same language, as sometimes translation can cause books to be worse, same or better.

The cuckoo’s calling – Robert Galbraith
The first out of a series by J.K. Rowling. Another grumpy detective, I just like grumpy people in books! This was a good and quick read too. While reading it, I put a hold for, which I thought would be the second book out of the series, but after finishing the first one, found out it was the third one… But I love my library! So back to the book. An interesting plot and as I said Cormoran Strike, the private detective, is a great person 🙂

Blod på snö – Jo Nesbø
Another of my favourite authors, read it in Swedish, a very short book, to be honest, I expected more, but it is a very well written book, a bit too short for my liking and no real twists or turns, or well, maybe the end, I did not quite expect it. Anyway. Wish I would have gotten this one from the library and not bought it, but anyway.

These were the books I have been reading in January! Thanks for reading!


Knitting in 2016

Let’s have a look at what I hope to be knitting this year:


Harvest Cardigan by tincanknits

Harvest Cardigan, but I’m going to knit a baby size first to see how I like the construction. I already ordered some yarn, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed in Persimmon and hope to cast on as soon as it makes it way to Australia.


Baby Ziggurat by Åsa Tricosa

Baby Ziggurat, I bought this pattern during the Indie Design Gift Along and ordered yarn already, it has arrived too, but I ordered quite a few different ones and now I am not sure which one I wanted to use…


V for Sweater by Anna & Heidi Pickles

V for Sweater, my partner got a Riddari but it is knitted in lettlopi which can be a bit itchy. So I said I can knit you another one. And then I saw that Maria knitted one for her boyfriend and I remembered this pattern which I found when I was looking for baby knits on the pickles homepage, showed it to R and he now wants one.


XOXO Soaker by Jennie Santopietro

XOXO Soaker, bought this pattern during the Indie Gift Along, ordered yarn too but haven’t gotten around to casting these ones on. We are still deciding weather we do reusable nappies or not but this pattern comes with instructions on how to make the pants waterproof in case you want to use them as nappy covers!

And now a look on what I have already started on and hope to finish this year:


Siri Cardigan by Linnea Öhman,

Siri Cardigan, I already bought the yarn for this one last year, using Cascade 220 heathers in a wonderful green colour and am onto row 7 from the first chart I think. This cardigan hasn’t been an easy one as I had to start three times until I got it right…


Rocky by Tincanknits

Rocky pants, I already started these ones when I was in need of something small to take onto pubic transport and these pants are just the cutest! For the top I am using a natural wool and silk yarn which I have had in my stash for a while and for the main part lovely yarn from Baerenwolle. I can’t wait until they are finished! My partner already said he would want to have his own pair!!!


Lemon by Helga Isager

Lemon Top, I bought the yarn as a good bye present to myself from Berlin, it is a lovely green colour and I have started on the front panel but haven’t gotten very far. The pattern isn’t very well written and it frustrates me… This has been on the needles since June 2015! I have already knit the Daffodil Cardigan by Helga Isager and that has been a very frustrating process, too, so I am not too much into knitting this one…

I also have a pair of socks on the needles which were meant for my partners mother but they are top down socks and when she tried the first finished sock on she could get them over her heels so those socks are on hold and I have to start a whole new pair for her :/ have I mentioned before that I am not a big fan of sock knitting?

These are just the knits I really want to knit but hopefully I will find time to knit even more, my queue on ravelry has 52 patterns but I should probably go through them all and sort them out a little bit…


Hello 2016 and bye bye 2015

Have you done anything in 2015 you have never done before?
Oh there are many, many things but the most important ones to me are: I finally finished my university degree and now have a bachelor of engineering in cartography and geomedia! I moved to a new country on a new continent on the other side of the world, all for love. I signed a rental agreement with R and we found out we will be parents next year!


Went to a wonderful wedding in Port Douglas where we also found out about the pregnancy!

Which countries did you visit?
Australia, Germany and Czech Republic

Anything you missed in 2015 and want to have in 2016?
Get life a bit more structured, be happier and enjoy life, and stick more to plans I make.


Tiny baby socks! Knitted by my mum.

Which date from 2015 will you never forget?
Hard to pick just one as so many important things happened but the 29th of Juli (when the pregnancy test was positiv) and 15th of September when we had the first ultrasound and saw her the first time.

What was your biggest carrier success?
Finishing university and getting job offers without applying for the jobs but unfortunately not being able to take them as they were in the wrong city…

And your biggest success in your private life?
That I dared to move 16000 km, away from all my friends and family to live in a different country and live life in a another language.


My new sewing machine, a second hand swift and a spinning wheel from my partners families farm!

What did you spend the most money on?
Probably yarn and furniture for our apartment, and a new sewing machine.

Which songs will always remind you of 2015?
Scoreboard by Apollo Hester, just cause I love my Lacrosse team and miss them a lot!

Were you sadder or happier compared to the last year?
Probably a lot happier! The switch from a long distance relationship to living together finally, finishing university and finding out about being pregnant, all very happy moments.

What do you wish you would have done more?
Knitted, especially after moving to Australia, but I had such a lack of mojo… Also read more, travel more, do more sport.



A food dish you ate heaps 2015?
Besides having always the same breakfast, I’d say it has been a year of gyozas and ricepaper rolls!

What did you do at your birthday 2015?
I had smitten kitchens Sweet Potato Cake with Marshmallow Frosting for breakfast and then the rest of the day at a lake outside of Berlin, heaps of gyozas for dinner and spanish tapas and wine!

Biggest wish right now?
A healthy baby and an easy birth.

Is there anything that would have made your year even better?
Maybe some visitors from Germany…

What made you feel good?
First the thought of moving and then never having to fall asleep alone again!


One of my best friends!

Whom do you miss?
My friends. My Lacrosse Team.


What are you most proud of?
Moving to Australia.

This list is a translated one being used on heaps of Swedish blogs I follow.

Just a quick one!

A lot has been and is going on at the moment, which is totally normal when moving across the world, so I am very sorry for the lack of information and posts on this blog for the moment.
I am trying to create a new, better side and have my whole yarn adventures a bit better presented for you. When it will be done you ask? I don’t know. I am writing applications for jobs and helping my boyfriend with his uni work at the same time while trying to find some time to knit, too.
So you see, it is very busy over here. And it’s winter! I have been to Melbourne during winter before and it is the same over again. For me this is just a very long autumn. It’s around 10-15 degrees every day but very windy and grey. But at the same time the sun can be very bright and warm you up in an instant but then, just wait a few seconds and you’re in the middle of a rain shower and you don’t know where to take cover!

Ok, I should better get back doing this data extraction for R.
I hope you all are spending your day with a bit more fun than I do 🙂


It’s been awhile, I know. My wordpress app on my phone is not working and I don’t have much time at the computer so, take this as my apology! But here I am.

The trip down south to my family was nice and I met up with some old, dear friends of mine and got to finally meet one of my oldest friends mini! She just looks exactly like her when she was young! Incredible!

The flight over to Australia was fine too and one of the first things over here was fixing my bank account und a tax file number so now I only need to find a job. For a while I might just work in hospitality, not sure yet.

The trip up to Queensland was very interesting too, my first Australian wedding, and very different to what I am used to from Germany. Oh well, I haven’t been to too many weddings anyway. But it was very lovely and I enjoyed it a lot.

Now we are back in Melbourne, looking for work, feeding cats and searching for an apartment.

I’m constantly tired and have no motivation doing much, still jet lagged 😦 Hope I find soon some time to post about all the latest trips etc.

Until then!


the hours until I have to hand in my thesis are getting less and less and I am so excited to soon be able to do other things again like:

  • Knit
  • Record
  • Play lacrosse
  • Cook dinner from scratch
  • Watch movies
  • Read non related things
  • Plan holidays
  • Look for a new place
  • Organise my move
  • Plan my party
  • Pay all those bills
  • Clean my room
  • Do laundry 
  • Get a haircut

So excited you all!

FIVE days left…

Time is running and there is still a lot to do and then I am going away this weekend… Well I would probably not have done anything on Saturday even if I would have stayed in Berlin but, it does feel bad. Shouldn’t I be in front of my computer even if I would just stare at the screen? Well. I decided not to.
So in a few hours I am going away with my Lacrosse team for the last time in a long while probably and this is exactly a perfect reason why I decided not to stay home. Who cares if my thesis has these few mistakes? I won’t remember that in a few years but the fun I had on a weekend away with my lovely team girls! This is what I want!
And because I have a lot of finished knitting projects flying around that just need to be blocked, I did this during the moments when my internet was not working. And no internet, no work on my thesis. Bähm.

Blocking on my bed

Sorry for this very poor iPhone photo. The lighting is awful. My top lightbulb has been broken for a few days now, just have no time for stuff like this!
You can see my Nurmilintu, Saroyan and the Olivia Shawl. And yes I do double block so fronts and backs of cardigans match each other! Anyone else doing this too?
You might also notice that two shawls did not quite fit onto my bed, or was it me starting wrong? Anyway, even if I would have been more cautious, they are too big! Well too big for my bed, not too big for me 🙂

ok. this was quick. I still have to pack and have dinner.
Lovely weekend everyone!

#LeLoBabyKAL and other WIPs

Heirloom Cables Baby Sweater

So I finally casted on a project for Leas and my Knit-A-Long!
I decided on the Lion Brand Yarn Heriloom Cables Baby Sweater and I am using yarn which I bought in Chile. I’m halfway through the back and can’t wait to cast the fronts on 🙂

Loki Cardigan out of Soft Merino

Offhand Lace Shawl

Mystery socks

What time is it again?

It is almost four o’clock, in the morning my dear readers! It’s insane. I don’t feel tired at all. I’m one of the many people that work better when it’s dark outside and there is less traffic and almost no people are online (but then with friends all around the world, this is not a reason anymore). But, working until almost four is maybe a bit, aehm, let’s call it problematic. Especially when one has to work at nine o’clock on Friday. So to break the habit I stayed awake until nine (!!!) on Tuesday and then had a four hour nap and hoped to get tired early but no, worked until late again. This is not a good rhythm. But I have no idea what to do about it… 

At least I got a lot of writing done and I am now onto the analysing part of my thesis and then conclusion and results and stuff. But mostly I am afraid of quotes and the appendix and list of references… Or maybe the statistics for my anlysing part? Aaaaah! This is all insane! 

Deadline 4th of June!!!